The Importance of Authoritarianism

By Titus Connor

The concept of authoritarianism has become a dirty word in the political domain. Yet its importance can not be underestimated and needs to be understood to properly understand a large majority of the political domain. In the current political climate, the left has established itself as a corporation willing to enforce its ideals upon others. The right has unknowingly defined itself as a party that defends freedom above virtue and morality. Firstly, these definitions go against what the parties were originally founded upon. During the founding of America, these two groups actually switched their current definitions. The left was known for valuing freedom above all else, to the point of postmodernism and transcendentalism, and the right known by its emphasis on virtue and character. It is important to note that the political right did not disavow nor deny the importance of liberty, it just hung upon a lower rung of the ladder of importance. 

As previously mentioned, these standards have completely switched.The names of the parties are now contradictory to the beliefs that they try to enforce. Whilst I do not know how this happened, I am aware of the negative consequences it is having on the American people today. Through its confusion, twisting, and morphing of truth, the left has embraced a philosophy of something that is postmodern and at the same time not. The party and its leaders preach an utopia of freedom and acceptance, yet to reach said utopia, everyone who disagrees “with them” ect. must be “dealt with”. Scarily similar to the thoughts and beliefs of Karl Mark and Friedrich Engels. At the same time, the political right has become unaware of the fact that its power has been stripped away. The party has lost sight of its original values that once made it so great. Its upholding of virtue, character, and a standardized morality. In recent years, right-wingers have become too concerned with the idea of freedom and liberty. By doing this, the right has dug itself into a pit, where if they contradict the idea that freedom is the highest virtue, the party will be called hypocritical. 

All this time while the right has been confused and hurting itself, the left has been manipulating and lying to progress its ideals. Most fundamentally, it has shifted the idea of truth and asks for tolerance from everyone. Knowing that this allows for people to sink into moral relativism and sin. Culture has devolved into a trough of lust, false truths, and pride all in the name of tolerance and acceptance. At the same time, the higher powers have been putting more limitations on the original moral foundation of America, Christianity. Therefore these ideas of tolerance and personal truth have been faked all along, the only people the left plans to tolerate are the ones who agree with them.

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